STROBIGO Pencil Holder Toy Trash Can

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This Trash Can Pencil Holder Toy is the perfect way to keep your desk clean and organized. The holder is made of durable plastic and holds up to twelve pencils. It’s easy to grab a pencil when you need it and keeps your desk looking neat and tidy.

If you love writing, then this is the perfect accessory for your desk! The Mini Trash Bin Trash Can Pencil Holder holds up to three pencils and keeps them organized and within reach. It’s made from durable plastic and has a slot for the eraser. The holder also comes with a ruler so you can easily keep track of your writing size.

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Promotional Trash Can Pencil Holder parameters

MOQ    2000pcs (For Custom)
Color   can be customized
Logo Print Method   heat transfer printing/screen printing
Applications   brand promotional gifts, pen holder, toy, desk trash can, mini trash bin
Selling Mode   wholesale, OEM

Why Choose Us

  1. We are BSCI, FDA, ISO9001 certified factory.
  2. In the past 15 years, we have served 3102 clients from 152 countries.
  3. We are a factory integrating a worldwide trading company service.
  4. Our top clients include Nescafe, Lay’s, Pedigree, Whiskas, etc.
  5. Our raw materials are 100% new.
  6. We can count on a 98% positive reputation from Alibaba.
  7. We are equipped with “Haitian” injection machines.
  8. We perform a 4-times QC, any damaged item guarantees 100% compensation.
  9. We have never missed a delivery date.
  10. More than 90% of our clients place repeated orders.
Printing silk-screen printing, heat-transfer printing, IML printing, sublimation printing, adhesive labels, etc.
Package There are good supporting materials for packaging boxes, and adequate utilization of space volume ratio
Payment term L/C or 30%T/T deposit in advance, balance paid against B/L copy
Lead time Within 15 days after 30%T/T deposit arranged
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Recycling-Bins-EN840-certificate EN840-certificate-1100L-recycling-bin strobigo-BSCI-certificate
Recycling-Bins-ICAS-testing-report Recycling-Bins-HDPE-RoHS-testing-report strobigo-Sedex-certificate


More Details

Bulk Production of Pencil Holder Toy Trash Can

Use automatic plastic injection machines, provide high-quality finished product and fast lead time

mini trash can production line mini trash can production line injection

Quality Check

By comparing it to the Pantone color to make sure the pencil holder trash can is of high quality.

mini trash can 17 mini trash can 19


Custom packaging way, protect pencil holder trash can and toy trash cans in good condition during the shipping delivery.

mini trash can 22

Adorable Pencil Holder trash can for your desk

Do you have a desk that could use an extra touch of class? If so, add a pencil holder to your collection! This adorable trash can is made from recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice. Plus, it’s just the right size to fit on any desk. Not to mention, it looks great and can hold all of your pens and pencils. Add this stylish trash can to your desk today!

The Unexpected Coolness of a Pencil Holder Trash Can

One unexpected benefit of a pencil holder trash can is the cooler temperatures it can create in the summertime. Most people don’t think about how a trashcan can affect their home’s temperature, but when combined with other items in a room, it can make a big difference. When you put your trashcan near an open window or door, the air circulating around it will help cool down the inside of the can.

Cute and Functional pencil Holder Trash Can!

How cute is this pencil holder trash can? It’s perfect for any desk and is also very functional. You can easily fit your pens and other writing supplies in it, and it’s made from sturdy materials that will last. This is a great way to keep your desk tidy and organized, and it’s also a fun addition to any room.

It’s the perfect addition to any desk with a mess of pencils!

Do you have a desk with a lot of pencils on it? If so, you need a trash can pen holder! This is the perfect addition to any desk and it will help reduce the number of pencils that get scattered all over the place. Not only that, but it will also keep your desk looking clean and organized.

Clever Way To Store Pens And Paper- Pencil Holder Trash Can

If you’re a pen and paper person, you know how quickly that pile of pens and paper can become out of control. But with a little creativity, you can create a great storage solution for your supplies that won’t take up much space.

One great way to organize your pens and papers is to put them in a trash can! Not only does this provide an easy place to store all of your supplies, but it also looks pretty cool – no one will be able to resist picking it up to see what’s inside!

How to Find the Right Pencil Holder for Your Desk

If you are a busy person who likes to be able to work quickly, consider using a trash can pen holder. These holders can be found in many office supply stores and usually cost around $10. This type of holder attaches to the side of a trash can and has several slots that accommodate most pencils.

This is an easy way to keep your desk neat and organized, and you will not have to search for your pencil every time you need it. You can also use a trash can pen holder if you have children who like to play with pencils on the desk.

The easiest way to organize your office with a pencil holder

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your office with a pencil holder, there are a few options available. One option is to buy a pre-made pencil holder, like the one shown in the image below. This type of holder can be attached to a wall or desk with screws and holds up to 12 pencils. Alternatively, you can make your own mini trash bin pencil holder out of simple materials like wood or plastic. This option is best if you have limited space or want to customize your holder. In either case, it’s important to keep your pens and pencils organized so they’re easy to access and don’t get lost.

The Hidden Benefits of a Pencil Holder trash Can

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a trash can with a pencil holder can be used for multiple purposes. Here are 8 hidden benefits of having a pencil holder on your trash can:

  1. It can help organize your desk. With all the different pens and pencils scattered around, having a centralized location for them makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  2. It can make writing more comfortable. Especially if you tend to write with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen, having the added stability of a stationary object besides your hand can make writing more comfortable and less tiring.
  3. It’s useful as a makeshift lap desk.

Clever Way to Hide Your Pencils: Put them in a Sturdy, Cool Pencil Holder!

Do you have a lot of pencils but don’t want to waste them by hiding them on your desk? Or maybe you’re just paranoid about losing them? There’s an ingenious way to hide your pencils that don’t involve any of the above. You can put them in a cool, sturdy pencil holder! The holder is perfect for any desk, and it’s easy to clean. Plus, it looks stylish, so you won’t feel embarrassed when people see it. So what are you waiting for? Get a pencil holder today!

The Funky, Cute Pencil Holder Trash Can That Will Make You Smile

Do you hate having to search through your drawers or cabinet for a pen? This funky, cute pencil holder trash can will change your life! Can be mounted on any wall and is the perfect place to store all of your pens. Not only is it funny, but it’s also functional and practical.

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