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Your Reliable Recycle Bin Manufacturer | STROBIGO

Located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, the plastic waste can industrial center, STROBIGO recycle bin manufacturer industry chain has the advantage to provide trash cans in a very short time and at an affordable value. Our manufacturing plant is 200km far away from NINGBO port, which may facilitate our customer save land transportation budget. Cooperate with us, you’ll be able to eliminate middlemen to win additional profits.

Recycle Bin Category


Capacity: 50L, 100L, 120L, 180L, 240L, 360L

MOQ: 100

Price: $5.68-38.74

The recycle bin capacity is from 13 gals to 98 gals, with an anti-skip handle, and significant duty rubber wheels that are simple for sanitation employees to transfer garbage, they are sturdy and have a long use time.


Capacity: 660L, 1100L, 1200L

MOQ: 20

Price: $77.43-194.31

The recycle garbage carts have a pair of capability selections, 660 liters, and 1100 liters. they’re one-time injection factory-made, the HDPE material, increased heavy-duty in multiple locations, 7mm thickness makes them durable, can serve over 5 years.

medical garbage can

Capacity: 15L-1100L

MOQ: 100

Price: $2.07-115.7

STROBIGO Medical waste container suppliers supply hospitals or clinics that can contain medical biohazard garbage, the lid will forestall odor. The pedal recycles to avoid cross-infection caused by hand contact. The body is yellow colored and with a biohazard identified.

k pedal trash can

Capacity: 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L

MOQ: 100

Price: $4.75-11.79

The k series pedal trash bin container capacity is from 8 gals to 20gals, was upgraded in barrel surface, lid surface, pedal, link, and bottom than a standard pedal garbage can. They have an extended life cycle and have different capacities to satisfy different occasions.

13 Gallon Commercial Garbage Bins

Capacity: 50L

MOQ: 500

Price: $4.22-5.94

The swing recycle bin could be a 13-gallon spherical waste container, the swing lid can save effort to drop litter and effectively isolates odors and flies. STROBIGO OEM swing lid recycles bin for many years for the fortune five hundred fast-moving client brands.


Capacity: 20Gal, 32Gal

MOQ: 200

Price: $14.41-23.48

Round Commercial Trash Can capacity is 20 gals, 32 gals. It is a perfect solution for the food service industry, with a moving cart, the trash bin can be easily handled. Built-in handles allow easy, non-slip lifting, anti-jam nesting.

3 stream recycling bins

Capacity: 60L*3

MOQ: 100

Price: $20.70-33.77

3 stream commercial trash can with a specific lid, each piece is equipped with a durable, all-plastic construction that’s easy to clean and molded handles for easy carrying. Made of high-quality materials and have a sturdy structure.

multifunctional pedal trash can indoor corner

Capacity: 15L, 20L, 30L

MOQ: 100

Price: $1.79-4.66

The combinational pedal trash can has totally different bright colors, interface style permits totally different numbers of the pedal recycle bins to be combined into a row to become a significant trash can recycling center.

household pedal trash bin

Capacity: 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L

MOQ: 100

Price: $2.34-4.17

Home pedal garbage cans are popular to sell in supermarkets in many countries. the modern structure can be well organized together with other furniture. The lid is intended with a button to stop it from being opened accidentally.


Capacity: 20L, 30L, 40L

MOQ: 500

Price: $2.69-3.93

Household Trash Can with swing top, the capacity is 5 gals, 8gals, 10gals. The standard size of a household wastebasket. A swing top lid is a type of closure that swings open like an eyelid to expose the interior, which prevents smells and pests from escaping.


Capacity: 40L, 60L, 100L

MOQ: 100

Price: $4.19-8.11

The Push Lid Trash Cans capacity is 11 gals, 13 gals, and 27 gals. What is the best way to make sure your trash cans stay clean and don’t smell bad? If you have a push lid trash can, it’s as easy as closing the lid! There are many benefits to using them. They’re compact, convenient, and help keep things tidy around your house.

plastic Deskside-Wastebasket

Capacity: 8L, 15L

MOQ: 100

Price: $1.20-1.43

The deskside wastebasket can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your workspace clean. With features an efficient and reliable design that will keep your workplace sanitary. The durable plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent.

Professional Recycle Bin Manufacturer

STROBIGO recycle bin manufacturer provides EN840 customary plastic trash bins for industrial, commercial, engineering, residential, hospital, household, and more, we provide one-stop waste and cleaning management purchasing solutions to meet our client’s different requirements.

We implement high-quality raw materials, automatic large-scale producing processes, whole-producing method internal control, and skilled service that satisfy our customers, defend the environment from pollution and build our planet tidier and brighter.


Full Certificated Plastic Trash Can

STROBIGO provides a good variety of quantities and kinds of plastic trash cans with full certificates, our plastic recycling trash can was made strictly according to EN-840, and our factory has ISO9001, ISO14001, and Sedex certificates.

STROBIGO “all you’ll be able to contain” waste containers area unit committed to providing the foremost appropriate, eco-friendly, and property waste containment solutions for all places wherever humans work and live.

OEM & ODM trash can is easy in STROBIGO, we have rich experience in plastic mold design and development, just send your requirement, and leave it to us to manufacture your custom design product.

Premium Quality Trash Can Supplier

Our Trash Can is totally credentialed, meeting the market access necessities of assorted countries and regions. we have an Associate in Nursing practiced foreign trade business team to produce you with skilled and comprehensive consulting answers and suggestions.

Our economical production, glorious product quality, and skilled client service have won the U.S. an honest name worldwide, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with the simplest waste container solutions.

trash can sample room

Your Reliable Recycle Bin Manufacturer

STROBIGO is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, we’ve been producing and customizing plastic waste containers for our shoppers around the world for quite thirteen years. We have 2,000 sq. meters of process and producing workshops and adequate inventory to fulfill the fast customization wants of consumers.

If you’re in need of a trash can company that provides wholesale trash cans and garbage cans, look no further than us! We have a wide selection of products to choose from, all at competitive prices. Plus, we offer discounts for bulk orders! Contact us today to learn more.

Customer and Feedback


In order to fulfill the wants and expectations of our customers, we’ve got introduced strict triple quality inspections within the entire production method of product trash bins. Our merchandise has passed EN840 certification, that is that the tightest dustbin customary, to make sure that trash bins are safe for humans, and eco-friendly. Before cargo, we take sample trash cans for harmful testing and strictly manage the merchandise defect rate. every ashcan is rigorously factory-made, held on and transported, and delivered to our customers in condition.

Why STROBIGO is Trusted By Over 4000+ Clients

EN840-certificate-1100L-recycling-bin ISO14001-certificate ISO9001-certificate
recycling-trash-can-manufacturing trash-can-manufacturing-line trash-can-lid-manufacturing
trash-can-manufacturer-stock garage-cart-in-stock trash-can-in-stock-with-carton
garabge-cart-packaging garage-cart-loading trash-can-loading-packaging


What is your sample policy?

We offer free samples once the item price is confirmed. The freight charges are collected upfront but will be refunded when an order of over 1 x 40 ft container is placed.

How do you manage quality?

To ensure high-quality standards, we adhere strictly to ISO 9001 guidelines in managing the quality of our products.

What is the packing?

Stacked in bulk with a protective layer of PP film or be packed into cartons for added convenience and protection during transportation.

What printing method do you offer?

Silk printing, hot-foil printing, engraved logo or adhesive labels available, if you have any specific preferences or requests regarding the printing, please feel free to let us know, and we will be pleased to accommodate your needs.

What color do you have?

We offer a range of standard colors including black, green, blue, red, yellow, and other customized colors to suit your specific preferences.

What is your payment terms?

L/C or 30%T/T deposit in advance, balance paid against B/L copy. For alternative payment methods, please contact us for further assistance.

What are your delivery terms?

For order quantities below 5 x 40 ft containers, the delivery time is approximately 7-10 days. Larger orders may require around 20 days for delivery, depending on the specific details.


Benefits advantages

1) 100% new PP/HDPE material, resistant to decay, frost, heat, and chemicals

2) Precise injection molding to ensure the premium durability and longevity

3) Designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements outlined by EN840

4) UV-stabilization, long service life, withstand moderate variations in temperature

5) All parts are recyclable, for responsible disposal and circular economy

Main Features:

  • Certified according to ISO9001 and DIN EN840 for quality assurance
  • Durable and lightweight lid for stability and convenience
  • Effortless cleaning thanks to seamless and rounded internal corners
  • Reinforced edges for increased durability
  • Reinforced base, front, and rear panels for optimal stability and longevity
  • Wide opening for convenient waste disposal
  • Ergonomic handles for easy maneuverability
  • UV-resistant materials for long-lasting performance
  • Stackable design for space-saving storage
  • Quick and hassle-free assembly process
  • Multiple color options to suit personal preferences or branding needs
  • Customizable logo printing upon request

details about plastic waste bin

More Details:

  • Expertly crafted using high-quality virgin HDPE raw material
  • Resistant to UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting durability
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly, sustainable waste management
  • Proof against rot, water, and frost, suit for various environments
  • Reinforced design of the lid handle ensures exceptional durability
  • Large barrel offers ample capacity for waste disposal
  • Excellent airtightness, guarantees a clean and fresh environment
  • Pedal is wear-resistant, can withstand frequent use and save you effort
  • Robust construction, can withstand heavy loads without sustaining damage
  • Rest assured, providing long-lasting performance that surpasses expectations

Your Reliable Recycling Bins Manufacturer

STROBIGO is a professional Recycling Bin and Trash Can Manufacturer in china. We have more than 15 years of OEM production and export experience.

You can buy high-quality recycling bins at a high-cost performance price, to win business opportunities with STROBIGO, you can avoid quality and delivery, printing, and other obvious problems, saving budget by eliminating the middleman.

STROBIGO trash can factory is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. We have 4 automatic injection molding production lines, which enables us to provide an affordable price waste bin in a short lead time.

To learn more about what makes it different from other recycling bins manufacturer or to express your custom demand, send STROBIGO an inquiry. We are very confident that we can produce the exact recycling bins you need in your mind and provide you with quality trade services.

EN840 Standard Trash Can Manufacturer and Supplier Factory

As one of the best plastic recycling bins suppliers in China, STROBIGO recycling bins conform to or exceed the EN840 industry standards.

Send us your business needs, we will give you the best recycling bin solution based on your detailed requirement.

Recycling-Bins-EN840-certificate EN840-certificate-1100L-recycling-bin Recycling-Bins-HDPE-RoHS-testing-report
ISO14001-certificate strobigo-Sedex-certificate strobigo-BSCI-certificate

13 – 96 Gallon Recycling Bins

You can choose our standard gallon recycling bins or custom your own based on your business demands. STROBIGO supplies all kinds of gallon plastic recycling bins.

660 1100 Liter Mobile Garbage Bins

Large mobile garbage bins with large space, 660 liters, and 1100 liter. Can be used in factories, warehouses, municipal and residential.

Recycling Bins with Foot Pedal

Recycling garbage cans with foot pedal, wheels, and anti-skip handle, which is designed according to ergonomic. They can be transported conveniently when a large amount of garbage is filled.

Recycling Bins for Medical Waste

Plastic recycling bins are specially designed for biohazard waste containment. The medical trash cans are yellow or red-colored with eye-catching biohazard warning signs. Garbage can manufacturer STROBIGO also produces reusable biohazard waste container boxes and sharps containers with FDA 510k certificates.


STROBIGO: Your Reliable Waste Bin Supplier and Manufacturer in China

If your business needs to import plastic waste bins, then STROBIGO will be your best option to manufacture your recycling bins orders.

STROBIGO is one of the leading plastic outdoor trash can manufacturers and suppliers in China, all of our plastic recycling bins can meet and exceeds EN840 standards, and we also offer a competitive quotation based on your project.

STROBIGO will give you the best garbage container solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. If you are a waste bin brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then STROBIGO will 100% support you on the waste bin development.

Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

recycling-bins-production-line recycling-bins-production-line-2 plastic-bins-printing-plate
plastic-bins-packaging recycling-bins-warehouse recycling-bins-ready-to-ship

STROBIGO Plastic Dustbin Manufacturer

High-quality recycling bins come from an advanced manufacturing process, STROBIGO manufactures different types of plastic dustbins from 13 gallons to 290 gallons, with or without a foot pedal, you can choose different recycling bins hardware, fill materials, color, pattern printing, or any other part.

Just send us your detailed project requirement, and we will give you the best waste container solution.

STROBIGO | Professional Garbage Can Manufacturer

Nobody likes taking the trash out! You know it, we know it. And we technically can’t have a garbage-free world but here’s the kicker – We can reduce it!

What we need is efficient waste management. STROBIGO 95-gallon eco-friendly Garbage Can or Recycling Bin is ideal for you for both household and business purposes. Quality is our culture. We aim not only to keep our indoors clean but also to keep our outdoors healthy and sustainable.

With superior design, extended durability, and easy care, our trashcans make no fuss about waste disposal. Our aim is to provide best-in-class garbage cans with the purpose of managing waste and thereby reducing it in the near future. The large-capacity design has a wide range of applications across many businesses.


Strobigo’s recyclable trash bins are designed to industry standards.

STROBIGO Recycling Trash Bins are manufactured with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and give you the three most important advantages: Durability, Durability, and Durability!

The new 95-gallon HDPE-built trashcans from Strobigo are robust to provide resistance to falling. The exterior surface is prone to aging in all temperature ranges and wind speeds. Interestingly, it acts as an anti-aging sunscreen in the can. It is also what makes our trashcans anti-freeze and high temperature resistant. The insides of the trashcan are manufactured so as to provide acid and alkaline resistance to prevent any chemical reaction with the garbage. You will be surprised to see how smooth and easy it is to keep the insides clean.

The trashcan is additionally waterproofed and insect-proofed to avoid any kind of spillage, leakage, or diseases during waste disposal. The 95-gallon trashcan has the capacity to withhold up to 6 standard-sized kitchen trash bags. These cans are suitable to dispose of all kinds of waste from your space; namely sports equipment, yard waste, chemical waste, animal waste, and others.

It gets even better with its single-piece body construction and thickened barrel design.  They provide high strength and impact resistance to our products than any regular plastic body.

With wheels and easy ergonomics, maneuvering the trashcan is as easy and smooth for you as a cart, thereby organizing waste transportation. It comes with tubed wheels so as to not cause damage or puncture during daily transportation.

Our made-to-design trashcans have a feasible curbside collection and are versatile through all doors and terrains.

Sustainable Plastic

There are several ways to make plastically sustainable –from incorporating more renewable content and recycling material to reducing the energy required. Furthermore, it is even possible to make more sustainable plastic products with one of its kind physical efficiency and aesthetic attributes. We believe in the many ways companies can produce sustainable plastic products, which are not just greener but also perform exceptionally well. Across industries, plastics offer crucial benefits to society, across all industries. Plastics provide important health, safety, and sustainability benefits. They help to enhance our living standards, nutrition, and hygiene all around the globe. They find applications widely in construction, transport, healthcare, electronics, sport, and agriculture. Plastics are too often associated with disposable and temporary packaging but several products have different and long-term uses. Plastics do not belong in our water bodies, our oceans, and rivers. They belong in our homes, hospitals, and businesses. They are meant to deliver benefits to thousands of millions of people around the globe on daily basis. Bioplastics are a category of materials with different attributes and applications. A material is defined as a bioplastic if it is either biobased, biodegradable, or features both properties.

Every stratum of society – the producing industries, our government’s policies, and the ultimate consumers need to become aware and come to solve this. We want to stand an active role in finding permanent, lasting solutions to this global challenge.

eco friendly material PP

Choosing the right Suppliers for your waste management business

For your specific business needs, the proper suppliers supply the most appropriate goods or services at the most appropriate pricing and in the most appropriate time frames. The best approach to finding suppliers, such as manufacturers and wholesalers, is to go online. Another useful strategy to identify suppliers and evaluate their products and services is to attend industry events and fairs.

  1. Look for providers who have a lot of experience and have been in business for a long time. Stability is crucial, especially if you’re signing a long-term contract with a supplier or if they’re the sole source of a specific item you require for your firm. Make sure you do your homework. Check the credit history of the provider to discover if they are financially sound. It’s a good idea to find out which companies have used a particular supplier’s services and ask for a recommendation.
  2. It’s also important to think about if your suppliers’ company principles are compatible with yours. If your company has strong environmental or corporate social responsibility credentials, for example, you should think about product packaging and environmental practices used by possible suppliers.
  3. If you’re starting a new business, one of the most important factors to consider when selecting suppliers is price. Competitively priced suppliers are an appealing option if you are focused on managing your expenses. Cheap, on the other hand, does not always imply the best value for money. If your supplier’s product or service is of poor quality, you may incur additional costs for returns and replacements, as well as risk losing business as a result of any delays. You risk hurting your company’s reputation if you opt to pass on bad quality to your customers.
  4. Another important factor to consider while selecting providers is reliability. Reliable vendors provide the correct goods or services on schedule. Large suppliers are often trustworthy because they have sufficient resources and mechanisms in place to ensure that they can continue to provide even if something goes wrong. Small suppliers, on the other hand, can often create a deeper relationship with you, especially if you are their primary customer. In some circumstances, your supplier may be more responsive to specific needs, such as fast orders or stock holding.
  5. While there are benefits to utilizing a single supplier (for example, you might create a tight commercial relationship that benefits both parties), there are also hazards. Your business will suffer if your supplier goes out of business or is unable to deliver. To help limit your risks, consider developing ties with a variety of vendors.

Smooth-sailing Production

When you have everything, you need, it’s simple to begin the production process. And, because the raw materials are guaranteed to be of high quality, the possibility of having to halt production or reject final items, both of which result in revenue loss, is considerably reduced. You’ll easily reach your goal, and you’ll find it easier to relaunch your business following an office move or other major shift.

Timely delivery of quality materials

You must have the items you require on hand in order to meet your quota and give outstanding client service. The benefit of having a good relationship with your supplier is that they will put you first. They are going to deliver the items ahead of schedule. They’ll also make certain you obtain the best products. However, the advantages extend far beyond the stage of production. You avoid returns, produce products swiftly, and produce high-quality goods that your clients will appreciate.

Excellent support

There can be times when you receive defective goods or shipments that are late. These will not make your job any simpler, but if you have a solid relationship with your suppliers, you can quickly fix these concerns. Rather than being apathetic, they’ll most likely go above and above to solve your problem and recompense you for your inconvenience. This can save your life if the mishap occurs during a reorganization or workplace relocation when you’ll naturally have a lot on your plate.

Take advantage of great deals

You may be able to take advantage of discounts and other tempting deals if you have good supplier ties. If you pay on time, they may give you a monetary discount, for example, if you pay the invoice within 30 days. Finally, they have the option of reducing the number of things they send you by a particular proportion.

Customer satisfaction

Customer pleasure is another essential outcome. Customers will love doing business with you since you can deliver goods and services on schedule and without flaws. They will have the impression that their money has been well invested.

Another crucial trait in productive buyer-supplier relationships is honesty on both sides. Small business owners despise being misled by their suppliers, but they are frequently unethical in their own dealings with them. This is especially prevalent when a company is dealing with past-due invoices, but entrepreneurs should avoid deception and be honest with their suppliers about their problems.

trash can recycling

Custom Made Trash Cans OEM&ODM Service

If you have a business, you know that one of the most important things to keep track of is your garbage. Whether you produce a lot of waste or just a little, having custom trash cans can help make sure that everything stays clean and tidy. But what are custom trash cans?

Custom trash cans are simply garbage bins that are made to specifications. This means that they can be made to any size, shape, or capacity. Whether you need a small bin for your office or a large one for your factory, you can get it custom-made.

There are many benefits of using custom trash cans. First, it helps to keep your business clean and organized. Second, it can save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your garbage cans as often. Finally, it shows your customers that you care about the environment and are taking steps to reduce your impact on it.

If you’re interested in getting custom trash cans for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide what size and shape you need. Second, determine how many you’ll need and where they will be placed. Finally, choose a material that is durable and easy to clean.

Custom trash cans can help make sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. If you take the time to find the right ones for your needs, you’ll be glad you made the investment. If you’re looking for a custom trash can or garbage bin, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of custom size options to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Our cans are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. Request an inquiry for your custom trash can program today!

Custom Trash Cans printing

STROBIGO recycle bin manufacturers provide high standard certificate trash bins, our recycle bins have EN840, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certificates, and can meet EU and US market access needs. Our producing method adopts a global high-standard internal control system, and guarantees human safety and environmental friendliness from the complete life cycle of the product, we have a tendency to are assured to bring over customary recycle bin to our customers and we offer comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. Through years of cooperation, we’ve got been wide trustworthy and praised by customers everywhere on the planet.

All you can contain is our product-producing philosophy. We tend to hope to bring reliable trash cans to terminal customers around the world, through our high-quality product and sincere service to assist scale back the pollution of the earth’s atmosphere. Our vision invariably stays projected towards the planet to return, desperate to be shared with previous and new customers therefore we are able to all build a distinction and guarantee next generations a totally property and brighter life.

Why purchasing from a commercial trash can manufacturer is better than purchasing from a retailer

Buying from a commercial trash can manufacturer is better than buying from a retailer in many ways. Let’s go over the most important ones:

  • You can get a better price. When you buy directly from the manufacturer, they will usually give you their best price—sometimes even lower than what retailers charge. This is because there are no middlemen taking their cut or marking up your items for profit.
  • You have more selection to choose from when you buy directly from the manufacturer rather than going through retailers who only carry a few models of each kind of trash can available on the market today, which means that if you want something unusual like an octagonal-shaped receptacle but don’t want to pay extra money just because they don’t stock this particular model then this might be worth considering when choosing where best place to buy!
  • Warranties are usually longer with direct manufacturers too since they tend not only warranty product defects but also replacement parts (if necessary) over time instead of just one year like most retail locations do so overall customer satisfaction when dealing directly with these types of businesses tends higher as well which we believe makes good sense since nobody wants bad experiences when shopping around town – especially those looking specifically for quality workmanship at base level prices without having any hidden fees added onto purchases later down line after making initial order decisions based solely upon cost alone without considering what else might happen down road (or 2 years down line).

import export

How to find the best commercial trash can manufacturer

When you’re looking for a commercial trash can manufacturer, make sure to look for a company that has been in business for a long time. This will help ensure that the trash cans are made well.

You should also make sure that the company has a good reputation. You should ask around and see what other people think about them.

Make sure to find out if they are willing to work with you when it comes to customizing your trash cans so they fit your needs exactly. For example, if you need an extra-large garbage can, then they should be able to provide one for you without any problems at all!

Finally, consider how many different types of trash cans there are available from each manufacturer before making your decision on which one is right for you!

The advantages of buying bulk or wholesale commercial trash cans

Purchasing in bulk is a great way to save money, especially if you’re looking for a large quantity of the same product. In addition to the benefits of buying in bulk, it’s also better for the environment. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Buying in bulk saves packaging materials and reduces waste because you don’t need as many boxes or wrappings.
  • It helps reduce fuel consumption because deliveries are made via fewer trucks and ships/planes. This can also help keep carbon emissions down.

Buying in bulk is often cheaper and better for the environment.

Buying in bulk is often cheaper, and it’s better for the environment.

When you buy a product in bulk, you can reduce waste and save money by choosing to purchase products that come with less packaging. The less packaging there is when you receive your products, the less waste there will be thrown away after its use. This reduces the need for transportation of additional materials (and fuel consumption), storage space (which requires more energy consumption), and disposal costs of excess materials that were not used.

eco friendly trash can

We also make waste bins that are made from recycled material as well as those that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Our trash cans are made from recycled materials and are also eco-friendly and biodegradable. Recycled materials can help reduce waste, and they’re often better for the environment than new materials. They’re also often cheaper to use because they aren’t as expensive as new products.

Our manufacturing operations are located in the china.

We have a factory in China, which is our headquarters. Here, we manufacture all of the trash cans that you see on our website.

Our manufacturing operations are located in the china. Our production facility is located in the china. Our manufacturing facility is located in the china. And our warehouse for supplies and finished goods is also located in this country as well!

We employ highly skilled engineers who specialize in designing and creating waste containers for their customers’ specific applications

Our engineers work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are met, and in some cases exceeded.

Our team of highly skilled engineers specialize in designing and creating waste containers for their customers’ specific applications. From outdoor commercial trash can bins to indoor restroom waste receptacles, we have the experience and expertise needed to meet any challenge your project may present.

design 3dmax trash can

We can help you find the perfect commercial grade trash can for your business or home.

Here at Hometown Trash Service, we have a wide selection of trash cans to choose from. If you’re looking for the perfect commercial grade receptacle or one that’s more suited for your home, we can help. We’ll work with your budget and provide recommendations based on our experience in the industry.

We work closely with our clients to ensure they meet their needs and exceed their expectations

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customer base by offering great products, competitive prices and excellent customer service. We work closely with our clients to ensure they meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our line of trash cans includes indoor trash cans, outdoor trash cans, garbage cans and other waste receptacles.


We’re here to help you find a quality trash can for your location and needs. If you have any questions about our products or need assistance with placing an order, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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