Quality Control

At STROBIGO we strictly control the quality of our products in all aspects: from mold material, plastic raw material standards, injection processes, and the inspection of final goods.

The refined mold materials we use always play an essential role for a first-class plastic item, that’s why we apply refined P20#, 718 steel for molding with good HRC of the mold, as our main priority remains the mold’s durability and the plastic parts’ perfection.

STROBIGO’s raw materials are provided by the SINO company, with each batch being thoroughly tested by approved SGS centers, and with the required flow and anti-impact features being certified for all suitable products. A wider variety of quality plastic parts is guaranteed by importing premium materials from abroad, with required tests that enable us to proceed with the fastest and smoothest production.

Once the mold has been fixed onto the machine, the plastic parts are finally ready after the final adjustments of the equipment. Our QC team then compares the parts with the sample provided and prepares the plastic parts packages.

Some items are packed into the master carton box directly, while others need imprinting before they reach the packing phase. Our inspector will check the printing and package during every step of this procedure, and after the inspected goods are ready, packed, and delivered into our warehouse, our QC-qualified experts proceed with their final check through a random selection and quality validation that leads to their conclusive QC report. Only then, STROBIGO’s finest goods are allowed to be shipped to meet the loading schedule and reach every corner of the planet.


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