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Plastic Bag Clips Manufacturer | STROBIGO

STROBIGO is a professional plastic bag sealing clip manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide premium quality plastic bag sealing clips from 5cm to 22cm. The sealing clips can be adopted on many occasions, such as snacks, bread, juice, milk, spices, dog food, etc. They are made of 100% new PP material, and the unique design provides excellent sealing performance, to keep the bag from air, humidity, and insects.

STROBIGO has rich OEM experience for producing plastic bag clips, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with customers from 40+ countries and areas. We have 4 automatic injection production lines, SGS verified international quality management system, and good production practices, we can deliver premium quality plastic bag clips at an affordable price. Our clients include international marketing agencies for famous brand promotions for Royal Canin, KFC, Nescafe, Beijing Food and Drug Administration, etc.

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Plastic Bag Sealing Clip Models

plastic bag clipper

FOB Ningbo: $0.039/pcs

Size: 65*20*10mm

Seal Length: 5cm

Weight: 6.5g

MOQ: 5000

The sealing bag clipper CP50 has a 5cm sealing length, which is the shortest length of STROBIGO sealing clips, it can be used as kitchen food packaging or snack bag sealing clips, as well as other short-opening food packaging.

clips for bags

FOB Ningbo: $0.04/pcs

Size: 90*23*12mm

Seal Length: 7cm

Weight: 8g

MOQ: 5000

The CP70 clips for bags have a 7cm sealing length, like CP50, which can be applied to food or snack bag packaging, but for 2cm longer, the 70mm length is suitable for packaging sealing medium-sized bags like bread or snacks.

bread bag clips

FOB Ningbo: $0.065/pcs

Size: 130*25*12mm

Seal Length: 11cm

Weight: 12g

MOQ: 5000

The bread bag clip CP110 has an 11cm clip length, it has general applicability for occasional scenes, the CP110 clip complements the length of the other two clips- CP50 and CP70 for ordinary kitchen food packaging.

plastic bag clip-CP150

FOB Ningbo: $0.09/pcs

Size: 160*17*12mm

Seal Length: 15cm

Weight: 16g

MOQ: 5000

The food packaging clip CP150 has a 15cm length, it is almost the full opening length of food bags, so it can be used for sealing the food packaging that is designed for entirely opened.

plastic bag clip-CP220

FOB Ningbo: $0.30/pcs

Size: 263*40*12mm

Seal Length: 22cm

Weight: 42g

MOQ: 3000

The snack bag seal clip CP220 has a 22cm clip length, this length is the second longest clip of STROBIGO plastic bag clips. It can be used for small and medium dog or cat food bag packaging.

plastic bag clip-CP380

FOB Ningbo: $0.49/pcs

Size: 420*41*12mm

Seal Length: 38cm

Weight: 73g

MOQ: 2000

The plastic basg sealing clip CP380 has a 38cm clip length, it can be used for large dog food packaging like 50kg. Also, it can be applied to seal bulk crop packaging and fertilizer packaging bags.

Professional Plastic Bag Clip Manufacturer

STROBIGO plastic bag clip manufacturer has 15+ years of experience in plastic bag clip manufacturing, our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and have been widely praised. We provide high-quality custom service, regardless of color, printing, packaging, we can provide the industry’s leading quality.


Your Reliable Plastic Bag Clip Manufacturer

STROBIGO plastic bag clip manufacturers have 4 automatic injection production lines and skilled production workers and quality control staff, we can provide premium customized plastic bag clips in a short lead time at an affordable price. If you have any procurement plan, send your inquiry today and get an exclusive quotation.

Customer and Feedback


STROBIGO plastic bag sealing clip manufacturer goal is 100% customer satisfaction

Usage Scenarios

plastic bag clip usage scenarios

Why STROBIGO is Trusted By Over 5000+ Clients

bag seal food clip packaging



What size of different plastic sealing clips?

Varied model clips by length of 6.5cm, 9cm, 13cm, 16.5cm, 26cm and 42cm.

What is the sealing length per each size?

6.5cm clips— sealing length 5cm, 9cm clips— sealing length 7cm,  13cm clips— sealing length 11cm,

16.5cm clips— sealing length 15cm, 26cm clips— sealing length 22cm, 42cm clips— sealing length 38cm.

What color available of sealing clips?

Usual red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, etc. colors also can be customized based on your requirements.

What is the material to produce plastic bag clips?

Plastic clips can be made of food-grade PP plastic.

What is the production capacity of bag clips?

CP50, CP70, CP110 can produce 10,000pcs per 24 hours, CP150 can produce 5000pcs per 24 hours, CP220 can produce 3000pcs per 24 hours, CP380 can produce 2000pcs per 24 hours.

How can we make logo on bag sealing clips?

By silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, and stickers

What is the packing way of sealing clips?

Each one into OPP polybag, with blister and cardboard if required.

Reference Article

Our promotional bag clips come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and applications. STROBIGO plastic bag sealing clips are a good solution to keep food fresh. Chips will stay crisp, cookies crunchy, and bread soft and mold-free when our personalized commercial logo packs appear on the scene. This means almost unlimited impressions for your commercial logo and a variety of daily advertising opportunities for years.

Custom made plastic bag clips

Our promotional polystyrene bag clips and personalized polystyrene chip clips are made of hard plastic that is impact-resistant and can be designed according to Panton color, and you can print your logo on the plastic bag clip body.

It’s a stable, sturdy plastic that’s also economical, making these cheap promotional products an opportunity to generate advertising and brand awareness.

Promotional custom printing

If you’re going to invest your time and money ordering promotional packs, you want them to actually be promotions, right? That’s why having your pocket clip and chip clip custom-printed with your business logo is one of the most important components of the ordering process. Our talented team of artists will help you create the best imprints to meet your promotional needs. Before they do, it’s important to understand the different types of marks and know which ways to clip your eyes in the bag.

Screen printing bag clip

Our personalized commercial logo printing screen printing bag clips are often our most affordable option. In the screen printing process, also known as screen printing, special templates are cut to fit your desired design. Ink is used through these templates to decorate your folder and make it exactly the way you want it. Since only one color of ink can be used on anyone mold, multi-color screen printing costs slightly more and takes longer to produce. Still, they’re a good option for this price.

Full-color printing bag clip

Full-color imprinted bag clips present bold colors and intricate designs that are not easy to achieve through other methods. Panchromatic printing, also known as four-color processing, combines yellow, magenta, black, and cyan inks to create almost any color imaginably. This is a faster process than screen printing because multiple colors can be added to a project all in one shot.

Plastic Bag Clips Usage

Storing snacks like chips, cereal, cookies, and more

Plastic bag clips are an easy way to keep your snacks fresh, organized and protected. They’re especially great for keeping chips, cereal and other snacks fresh longer. Put your chips into small bags, seal them with a clip then place the bag in a larger container that can be sealed. That way you can easily grab what you need when you want it!

Locking food in freezer bags

If you’re freezing food and want to keep it fresh, use a clip.

  • Lock in freshness: A good quality clip holds the bag closed tightly so that air doesn’t get in and help spoil your food.
  • Lock in flavor: If you are storing something with strong flavors such as garlic or onions, locking them into the bag prevents those strong aromas from escaping and contaminating other foods in your freezer.
  • Lock in nutrients: Some foods like greens lose their vitamins when frozen because they are exposed to light and air during storage—a plastic bag lock helps keep these nutrients locked into place so they don’t disappear when thawed out again

Keeping garbage bags in place

A garbage bag clip is a handy little device that keeps your garbage bags from falling over, sliding around, getting dirty, getting wet and gross. It’s the ultimate way to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Sealing produce to help it last longer

Bag clips are an inexpensive way to seal produce in a bag or container. This will help keep your food fresh longer by keeping out air and moisture, which can cause it to spoil more quickly.

Use a Bread Clip to Re-seal Food Packages

You can use a bread clip to re-seal food packages. I know what you’re thinking: “But how do I keep the bread fresh?” Well, that’s actually the beauty of this method; it’s not meant to keep everything fresh forever. It’s simply a way to make sure that your food doesn’t get stale or dry out as quickly as it would if you just left it open.

Dog Food Bag Clip

The dog food bag clip is a simple, inexpensive way to keep your dog’s food fresh and secure. You can use it to keep your pet’s food from spilling, being stolen, or eaten by other animals or even humans. If you want to give your dog some independence when it comes to eating his own meals, then this product will be perfect for you!

Plastic bag clips are excellent for closing bags of chips and all the other things you need a good clip for.

  • Plastic bag clips are excellent for closing bags of chips and all the other things you need a good clip for.
  • They have multiple uses around the house, garage and garden.
  • The plastic clips keep food fresh, store items securely and keep your desk clean!

Plastic Bag Clips can’t be accidentally opened.

Plastic bag clips can’t be accidentally opened:

Plastic bag clips are a convenient and safe way to close plastic bags and keep them closed. They prevent the bags from accidentally opening, which can lead to spills or other unwanted messes. Since there is no possibility of them accidentally opening, they can be used with confidence around children, who may tend to play with items that aren’t designed for their use (such as sharp objects). Plastic bag clips are durable and long-lasting:

Bag Clips are safer than rubber bands.

Bag clips are safer than rubber bands.

While you may be tempted to use a rubber band to keep your sandwich bag closed, this is not the best choice. A plastic bag clip, on the other hand, is sanitary and reusable—and it’s better for both you and the environment.

First of all, rubber bands can harbor bacteria that leads to foodborne illness and even make you sick if they come in contact with your mouth while eating (which they will if you eat directly out of a plastic container). Plastic bag clips don’t have these issues because they’re made from recyclable materials like polypropylene plastic rather than natural materials like latex or rubber. Reusable plastic clips won’t wear out over time like their disposable counterparts; instead, they’ll snap back into shape after being stretched open repeatedly over several years’ worth of use! And unlike disposable plastic bags which can take 100+ years just break down naturally into smaller pieces before ending up in landfills where they’ll remain for millennia-plus amounts of time..

How To Choose a Suitable Plastic Bag Clips Manufacturer?

As a professional plastic bag clips manufacturer, we are able to provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices. If you want to choose a suitable manufacturer, please pay attention to the following aspects:

Pay attention to the quality of plastic bag clips.

  • Pay attention to the quality of plastic bag clips.
  • Check the material.
  • Check the size.
  • Check the color.
  • Check the surface treatment.
  • Check the edge, if it is smooth or not, if you touch it with your hand or not etc., feel free to ask whether there will be any scratches on your hands when you use it? Then feel free to ask about other questions about quality and after-sale service as well; make sure that they are all in good condition before purchasing them!

To analyze the price, that you should choose a plastic bag clips manufacturer with good reputation.

The price of plastic bag clips is not the only factor to consider, you should also look at the quality of their products.

It’s important to know that there are many manufacturers who sell low-quality products and pass them off as brand new ones. They will even go so far as to claim that their product has been used for years before being sold. In order to avoid this, you have to do some research on these companies before buying from them. You can do this by looking up reviews on various websites or asking a friend or family member if they’ve had any experience with such a manufacturer before buying from them yourself.

You should choose a manufacturer who has perfect production equipment and strict production process.

When you choose a plastic bag clips manufacturer, it’s important to consider their production equipment. A good plastic bag clips manufacturer should have perfect machinery and tools that can offer high efficiency, low cost and fast speed. The company should also have strict quality control procedures to ensure that each product has the best quality.

There are many factors that affect the selection of suitable manufacturers, including whether they are reliable or not; whether they have good creditworthiness; how long they have been in business; how much experience they have in this industry; etc.

The company’s establishment time and production experience

  • The company’s establishment time and production experience. You can understand the company’s reputation from its long-standing standing in the industry, which is a guarantee of quality. It is also important to ask about the production experience of the company, as well as whether there are any patents on its products.
  • Product specifications and appearance design requirements

A high-quality manufacturer will be able to provide a full list of certifications and accreditations that the company has been approved for

A high-quality manufacturer will be able to provide a full list of certifications and accreditations that the company has been approved for. This includes the following:

  • Government approvals
  • Industry association approvals
  • National standards body approvals
  • International standard body approvals (such as ISO, IEC, ASTM, SAE) and certification bodies (like TUV Rheinland and Bureau Veritas)

You’d better choose a customization manufacturer.

  • Choose a manufacturer who can provide customized service. It is important that you know the exact quantity of plastic bags clips you will need and then choose a suitable manufacturer. For example, if you have many different models of plastic bag clips to choose from, it would be best to make sure that each model has its own specification for production.
  • Choose a manufacturer who can provide the right packaging. Do not forget about the packaging requirements when selecting your supplier. And remember, it’s not only about product packaging but also about product transportation because these two factors affect product quality directly.
  • Choose a manufacturer who can provide the right price. Of course, every business owner wants to get affordable prices but if too low then there must be something wrong with this deal! You’d better go through all details carefully before making any decision on choosing suppliers or factories at all times regardless whether they are located overseas or near home country (China).

The company’s delivery time and delivery ability

The company’s delivery time and delivery ability are also important factors. A good plastic bag clips manufacturer should be able to deliver the goods within an appropriate time frame. If the product is ordered online, it is crucial that your supplier can send out your order at the earliest possible moment. In addition to this, you should also check whether or not they have enough stock of raw materials to meet your requirements before placing any orders with them.

It is definitely beneficial if you can find a company that has been around for quite some time and has a solid track record of providing excellent services in terms of product quality, delivery time, and reliability – these are all things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing which company will make your plastic bags clips

The company’s customer Support and Customer Services

When you are choosing a manufacturer, it is important to consider customer service. It’s not the same as customer support. Customer support is there to help you when your product breaks or has an issue with it. Customer service is about how the company treats its customers and how they communicate with them through every step of their transaction and beyond.

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  • Check all details of the quotation, including price, payment terms, and delivery time.
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