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  • 20000㎡ plant and 4 automatic production lines provide fast delivery
  • Manufacture and export dog food storage containers  for 15+ years
  • OEM service for famous dog food brands such as Purina, Hill’s, etc
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Your Reliable Dog Food Container Manufacturer | STROBIGO

STROBIGO dog food container manufacturer has been providing superior quality pet food storage bins custom service for many famous pet or animal food brands such as pedigree, Whiskas, Purina, hill’s, holistic select, pavo, etc. Over 15 years, STROBIGO has established a partnership with clients all over the world and has been praised for providing high quality at competitive prices.

STROBIGO provides a wide range of dog food storage containers in a portable size, 5lbs, 8lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, etc. All sizes of dog food bins are made of eco-friendly 100% new PP material, which is BPA-free and healthy to animals. Our dog food storage containers have humanized designs like the airtight lid, wheels, handle, scale line, non-slip stripe, cartoon-shaped lid, rounded corners, etc.

full model of strobigo dog food container

Dog Food Container Category

Volume: 20L/36L(18~22lbs/29~31lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $3.67 – $6.35

Airtight Pet Food Container with scoop , scoop can fix on the scoop

Carton SPEC: 8PCS/35*28.5*85.5 CM

dog food storage container H853

Volume: 30L(26.5lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $6.61 – $6.02

Airtight Pet Food Container, with a large capacity can hold up 12kg dog food

Carton SPEC: 5PCS/34*39.5*65CM

dog food container H550

Volume: 6.5Liter(7 Lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $1.22 – $2.39

1) removable lid  2) logo can be embossed and printed as required

Carton SPEC: 12pcs/41*28*46CM

Volume: 30L+10L(33~37lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $6.52 – $9.04

STROBIGO dog food container manufacturer supplies the new design 3 piece dog food storage container comb for the global market. The 3 piece combo includes 8lbs and 15lbs airtight storage bins and a scoop with scale.

dog food container H513

Volume: 40L(33lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $4.99 – $7.90

The h513 dog food storage container capacity is 40L and can hold 15kg / 30lbs of cat food or dog food. The lid comes with a silicone sealing ring, to keep the pet food fresh and dry. The size is big enough to hold a dog food bag.

dog food bin

Volume: H509(26.5lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $3.87 – $5.83

The h509 pet food container capacity is 30L and can hold 30lbs of dog food or cat food. The bottom of the bin has two wheels so that it can be moved easily on the ground, the lid is come up with a buckle for convenient opening.

dog food storage H551

Volume: 53L(55lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $6.78 – $10.10

The H511 dog food container capacity is 53L, the size is L411*W300*H655mm, can hold 40lbs pet food. The shape is similar to model H513, but it can store a large dog food bag, the lid is airtight to keep the pet food fresh and dry.


Volume: 6L(5~6lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $1.27 – $2.21

The h506 dog food container capacity is 5lbs, which is small and convenient, suitable for your refrigerator and pantry organization. Besides storing pet food, it can also hold rice, flour, nuts, beans, snacks, cereal, etc.


Volume: 20L(18~22lbs)

MOQ: 1000

Price: $3.52 – $3.79

1) with 2 wheels on bottom easier for handling
2) removable lid, big enough to put hand and measuring cup
3) logo can be printed and printed as required

Professional Dog Food Container Manufacturer

STROBIGO dog food container manufacturer adopt an international quality control system to the manufacturing process, for the full life cycle of the dog food bin. In the initial raw material link, we choose high-quality PP plastic from the world’s top suppliers, through rigorous raw material testing, to ensure that the production of finished products has a high degree of toughness, non-toxic, pollution-free, and long service life.


New Design Introduction

This dog food container is perfect for any size dog, whether they are a senior or puppy. It’s easy to wash and doesn’t leak.

The new mold H550 6.5liter dog food container has an airtight pour lid design, we offer the best price on the market, contact us now!

Premium Quality Printing

STROBIGO dog food container manufacturer has rice experience in custom printing for many famous brands. We offer different printing types like heat transfer printing, silk screen printing, IML printing, etc. We are a leading company that specializes in dog food containers with customized designs. Our main presence is in manufacturing quality pet food containers for service providers across the globe and we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service!

dog food container printing
strobigo factory view

Your Reliable Dog Food Container Manufacturer

In the process of injection molding, trimming, printing, packaging, warehousing, and transportation, we are committed to multiple quality control of the whole process, while considering the energy-saving and environmental protection of the production process, to minimize the pollution to the environment, and assess the safety risk of personnel in the production environment and adopt systematic management and control. We hope that we can not only efficiently deliver the best quality products to the final customers but also create profits for our customers. 

Customer and Feedback


STROBIGO dog food container manufacturer goal is 100% customer satisfaction


Why STROBIGO is Trusted By Over 5000+ Clients


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dog food container manufacturing dog food container packing dog food container custom
dog-food-container-packaging dog-food-container-loading dog-food-container-in-bulk
dog food container lid packing dog food container packing dog food container carton packing

strobigo pet dog food container manufacturer certificate


1. What different model of pet food container?

6lt, 10lt, 20lt, 30lt, 40lt, 53lt.

Some clients call the pet food container by loading capacity: 10lb, 25lb, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 15kg, 25kg ect.

2. How many KGS can hold per volume?

6lt can hold abt 2kg dry pet food, 20lt can hold 8~10kg dry pet food, 30lt can hold 12~14kg dry pet food,

40lt can hold 15kg dry pet food, 53lt can hold 25kg dry pet food

3. What color available of pet food container?

the popular color of the pet food container is transparent, light grey, white, black and green color, we also can make other required colors as a requirement;

4. What is the material to produce pet food container?

plastic pet food container made of pure PP plastic.

5. What is the cerfication do you have?

We have passed ISO22000, BSCI, and SEDEX 4P certificates that ensure the container production to be clean and tidy and to be food contact classic.

6. What is the usual packing way?

each piece into polybag to avoid the scratch, then to be packed into a master carton box for export delivery; further, in order to save delivery space, the client prefers body nestable to be one bundle, the lid put into the first container on the top, this way will save shipping cost.

7. How can we make logo on it?

logo imprinted onto the container by sticker, silk screen printing, hot stamping, heat transfer printing, and IML (in-mold label)

8. How to ensure the pet food container to be airtight?

the pet food container fixed with food-grade seals that can ensure the container to be airtight;

9. What is the advantages of your pet food container?

puppy is hungry and our pet food container can open by one hand while another hand is with cute puppy.

Why do I need specific storage containers for dog food? 

Dog food storage containers help keep dog food fresh longer and make storage easier rather than just putting food in a bag. But which dog food storage containers are the most cost-effective? Read on to find out.

Dog food is the most common pet food: Most Parents choose dog food as the main source of nutrition for their furry children for obvious reasons. Dog food is usually affordable, provides a balanced diet with minimal effort, and is convenient and readily available. However, if you don’t store it correctly, it will lose all these functions. If you expose dog food to air, it becomes stale and inedible, losing any nutritional value it has, and you’ll end up losing money because you’ll have to throw all that stale dog food in the trash. That’s why high-quality dog food storage containers are a must if you’re feeding your pet dry food. They’ll give you a convenient place to store food for a few weeks, and they’ll keep it perfectly fresh all the time.

Of course, you might think that any old container will do, as long as it’s not a shitty bag of dog food, but you’d be wrong. Not only is dog food easy to spoil (even if you didn’t know it), but all pests love nothing more than to find their hiding place. Also, if you keep dog food where pests can get to it, your dog will probably like it itself because it means it can too. To avoid all of these troublesome situations, you should keep dog food in an airtight container to ensure that no air gets in and that curious critters don’t eat the contents of the container.

There are plenty of dog food storage containers out there, some cute in design, some cheap, and some both. But not all of these things are worth your money in the long run — some things break down more easily than others, or don’t insulate the air very well, and throwing your hard-earned cash on the trash is just plain stupid. To make sure you can find the right size and type of dog food storage container for your needs, we’ve put together a tried-and-true list that all pet parents rave about, as well as some helpful tips on what to look for in a dog food storage container if none of these are to your liking.

STROBIGO H520 3 piece Airtight dog food storage containers come with a large food container, a smaller one that sits on top of it, and a matching spoon. The two airtight containers hold 33 and 12 quarts, respectively, and the spoon holds two cups of dog food. Made from high-quality BPA-free plastic, this stackable dog food container is airtight and has wheels, so it’s great if you want something easy to carry. The container at the bottom can hold up to 15 pounds of dog food, and the top can be used to store snacks (or extra dog food if you buy a larger bag).

Do you have a puppy or toy breed whose food comes in small bags that are better suited to their petite frame? If so, you may have a problem finding a food container that will work for dog food but is still small enough to hold their normal dose of food. This portable, hand-held food container is made from PP food-grade plastic — everything you could ever want is in a dog food container. Plus, there’s a measuring cup on the lid, so you no longer have to guess how much dog food you’re pouring into your pet’s bowl. The H506 dog food container is 6 liters.

Do you need to use dog food storage containers? 

Many people say that you can and should put dog food in the bag after opening it. After all, the bag itself is designed to keep food fresh, so it should work, right? In theory, yes, but you have to seal it well for it to work the way it’s supposed to. Even the smallest leak can let enough air into your pet’s dog food or make it stale, losing flavor and nutritional value. That’s not the only problem with leaving dog food in the bag. Bugs, rodents, and even your own pets can easily get food if you keep them in an accessible place protected by the bag itself. While you can put your dog food in a bag and hope for the best, it’s not wise to do so when you can easily find inexpensive dog food storage containers.

The dog food storage container is designed to do exactly what its name suggests — store dry food for dogs. This means that every potential problem has been addressed and there is a way to prevent it from being incorporated into the design. Finding, purchasing, and using a separate container for your dog’s food may seem like an unnecessary hassle when you might be using packaged bags or containers from somewhere near your home.

Here’s why dog food storage containers are a smarter choice:

Kibble remains fresh for longer

In contact with air, dog food deteriorates, loses flavor, and goes from crunchy to soft in texture. It’s not the most dangerous thing to do when dry food isn’t properly stored, but it will certainly make your pet less interested (if interested at all) in what you’re offering. In addition, when dog food becomes stale, it loses its nutritional value. Even if your dog doesn’t have standards for taste and texture (which is much more common than you might think), the food they eat doesn’t provide the nutrients they need to function properly. You can also use ziplock bags when traveling, as long as they’re sealed, or if you take your pet out a lot.

In short – you will lose money on dog food because it becomes inedible and your pet will not eat the food he needs to stay healthy. Dog food storage containers are designed to be airtight, which means dog food is always fresh because it’s the first day you open the bag. As long as it’s stored like this, it will stay crisp and nutritious, so even if you buy a big bag of dog food for your furry baby, you won’t waste money on stale dog food.

No mold or bacteria

Improperly stored dry food is exposed to air and moisture, which creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to thrive. Needless to say, foods containing bacteria and mycotoxins are not fit to eat — you may not know what you’re pouring into your dog’s bowl until it’s too late. By storing food during clean, airtight instrumentation, you eliminate the likelihood of contamination.

Keep pesky pests stay away

You may think your home is free of any pests (except for your dog and your mate), but that’s probably not true. From insects to rodents, you might be surprised by what lurks in your home — and there’s nothing you love more than making your pet’s food your home. A tear in the bag or a loose top on the container is just what these critters need, and it will stain your dog food and force you to throw it all in the trash. That can’t happen in a secure, enclosed container!


Of course, putting dog food in a bag is an easy solution for some people, but it’s much easier to keep your pet’s food in a storage bin designed specifically for him. Dog food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes, from those with food bowls that allow you to set up a feeding station with a single purchase, to those on wheels that can be easily moved around. After all, you have to feed your pet dog food at least once a day, so why not store it in a convenient location and in a convenient container?

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