Bag Clips Manufacturer

Bag Clips Manufacturer

STROBIGO is a professional Bag Clips Manufacturer with more than 13 years of production experience. You can buy Bag Clips at a high-cost performance price, saving budget by eliminating the middleman, to win business opportunities with STROBIGO.

The best bag clips for food to keep food from going bad

CP110 CLIP CP110 RED bc1579


Bag clips can be used to keep the bag closed. They are usually provided in multiple packs, so you can get the most out of your purchase.

Don’t feel sad about buying a large set of bag clips, because you may gradually lose some of them. Fortunately, these products are usually multi-packaged to help you reduce the amount of loss-but if you are prone to misplace something, look for bag clips of large bags.

STROBIGO supplier multi sizes of bag clips – from 19.68 inches to 149.6 inches. These bag clips are functional and colorful, made of food-grade PP material, BPA-free, can be frozen, and dishwasher safe.

Durable and resistant to bending, various size choices, suitable for different bag sealing cases. Unique buckle design makes the reliable airtight performance.

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STROBIGO bag clips can easily keep snacks wrapped up tightly. Made of sturdy plastic, lightweight, and tightly sealed, it can seal bags of snacks, potato chips, bread, leftovers, and even pet food.

There are no more messy spills in the cabinets and refrigerators. These bag clips are the solution to keep the kitchen, office, living room, or warehouse organized. Each bag clip has a smooth edge to prevent your bag from being hooked or torn.

We provide a variety of colorful kitchen clips in different sizes and shapes to meet all your storage needs. Coordinate the colors of all your home accessories to add a touch of color and fun to your home.

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History of bag clips

Plastic bag clips, also called bread ties, were developed in 1952 by Floyd G Paxton, the founder of Kwik Lok. It was originally mass-produced for Pacific Fruit to replace rubber bands in apple packaging. Jim Shaw presented his solution to Frito Lay in 1980. The solution is a wide clip that can seal the open end of the bag. However, Shaw neglected to obtain a patent for his clip, so two years later, another inventor George Welch was able to create a clip and obtain a patent. Currently, plastic bag clips are used to fix the quantity of food in bags.

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Bag clip tips and advice

If any food or drink spills on your bag, you can quickly clean them with a cloth dipped in detergent and water.

If you plan to use them for various foods, you can use permanent markers to mark each clip. For example, you may want to keep a clip only to hold a bag of nuts, so you can write “nuts” in the center of the clip. This is especially useful if someone in the family is allergic to nuts.

Double-folding is a great way to secure a gift package for your child’s birthday or school holiday party. When celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can add a set of slimy eyes, turn the gift bag into a creature or glue a heart to the top of the clip.

You don’t have to keep your doubles just for food. They can also be used for various other tasks. You can use them at a picnic to fix a set of paper towels to prevent them from being blown away, stick them on top of a pile of paper to keep them organized, or clip them to a certain page in the recipe book to keep them To open the state you follow the instructions. 


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